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I. What is Nvim-R?

See the the following tutorial linked below :

II. Installing Nvim-R with Pucker

Add the following line to the plug.lua file.

  use {
    branch = 'stable'

III. How to use Nvim-R

Open a .R, .Rnw, .Rd, .Rmd or .Rrst file with Neovim and type \rf. Then, you will be able to use the plugin key bindings to send commands to R. To end it, press \rq.

  • Send :: Entire File \aa
  • Send :: Entire Block \bb
  • Send :: Entire Function \ff
  • Send :: Entire Selection \ss
  • Send :: Entire Line \l
r on neovim

You can learn more here:

Turning Vim Into An R IDE

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