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I. What do you learn?

Let’s learn how to use VLOOKUP in Excel and Python according to the article:

VLOOKUP implementation in Python in three simple steps

II. Data

Get the data from here:

You can find the indicators for pandas_datareader here:

chart on worldbank

I’ve got the data for some countries: GDP Purchasing Power Parity, GDP Purchasing Power Parity per capita, access to electricity, population, CO2 emission in 2018.

table of data

III. VLOOKUP implementation in Excel

You can see the EXCEL sheet here:!AmlzIpnp3h4-jkhVh02kpimbsBHD?e=6BlXjZ

vlookup in eccel

IV. Use Python to do the LOOKUP function in Excel

I have done the LOOKUP function job according to my Cheat Sheets way.

You can see all the scripts here:

lookup using python

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