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1. Basics 1 Self-taught learning
2. Basics 2 Making your cheat sheets
3. Basics 3 Google Colaboratory
4. Basics 4 Mathematical operators
5. Basics 5 Autofill and List Comprehensions
6. Basics 6 Tables
7. Basics 7 Classes and Objects
8. Basics 8 Pivot Tables
9. Basics 9 Sample Data Sets
10. Basics 10 Flash Fill
11. Basics 11 Charts
12. Basics 12 Loops
13. Basics 13 Funcitons
14. Basics 14 Macros

I. Creating pivot tables in Google Sheets

Sample 1: Attendance

table of attendance of 1 or 0
bar chart

Sample 2: Questionnaire

table of results of questionnaire

Sample 3: Exam resykts

google sheet

You can see the pivot tables here:

II. Creating pivot tables with Python

Sample 1: Attendance

You should not usePivot Tables. Use sum(axis=0) instead.

count values

Sample 2: Questionnaire

show the result

You can see the scripts here:

You can’t use a column as both a “value” and an “index” at the same time. See:

pandas pivot table value as column or index

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