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I. Google Sheets tips

You can learn Google Sheets tips here:

40 Advanced Google Sheets Tips for Marketing Pros

I have created some sheets using the tips above and add some others here:


II. Reading data on a webpage

1.Raw CSV data

Let’s read the raw CSV data that I have made here:

You can load the data with the formula:


You can create a pie chart with the data easily like this:

pie chart created from the data imported via URL

You have to copy the table and paste it with values only, if you wan to change any values on the table.

2.HTML tables

WikipediaのList of countries by military expendituresのページの2番目のテーブルを読み込むには、A1に次の式を書きます。


I have created a bar chart with the data:

bar chart

III. Translation

You can translate an English word into a Japanese word with the following formula:


You can see Two-Letter Language Codes here:

table of words translated with googletranslate

IV. Dictionaries and Wikipedia

1.Cambridge English dictionary (function)

Put English words in A2 and the following formula in B2

=IFERROR(JOIN(" ",INDEX(IMPORTXML(""&A2,"//div[contains(@class,'ddef_d')]"),1)))

You will get the meanings like this:

2.Dictionary Functions (Add-ons)

Install an add-on called Dictionary Functions and put the formula like this:


You will get the meanings like this:

3. Wikipedia search bar (Add-ons)

Install an add-on called Wikipedia search bar and start the search bar:

You can search items and get the results on the side bar like this:

V. Convert currencies

You can convert dollars at A1 to yen with the following formula:


VI. Stock market prices

You can learn GOOGLEFINACE()from here:

How to use the GOOGLEFINANCE function in Google Sheets

You can get the average of a week with the formula:


chart created with googlefinance

VII. Add-ons


VIII. Creating functions with JavaScript

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