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I. Garuda Linnux and wall papers

You can also see some sample wallpapers for Garuda Linux here:

Garuda Linux Wallpapers

II. How to set background wallpapers on Garuda i3wm with feh

Open the terminal and run the following command to launch micro (the default editor) and open the .profile file:

micro ~/.profile

If your image is located in the Picture directory, add the following line after the last line. This will execute feh and display the image when you log in to your account. Note that feh is already installed by default on Garuda i3WM Linux, so there’s no need to install it:

feh –bg-fill ~/Pictures/YOURIMAGE.jpg

If you prefer feh loading a random wallpaper from within a directory every time you log in, you can find a set of beautiful wallpapers using Add/Remove Software.

Add?Remove Software

Click on the garuda-wallpapers image showed above, you will learn where the wallpaper images are:

Add?Remove Software

Add the following line to the .profile file:

feh --randomize --bg-fill /usr/share/wallpapers/garuda-wallpapers/*

Here is my .profile file:

my .profile file

You can reboot the system by pressing the Super key (Command) + 0 and r.

Windmill of Garuda wall papers

You can learn more from the post linked below:

Set Background Wallpapers On i3wm

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