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I.What do you learn?

Let me show you how to convert a data frame from wide to long format. You have to use long formats when you create charts with Plotly and Seaborn.


1.Using melt

import pandas as pd

# Create example DataFrame in wide format
dic = {'ID': [1, 2, 3],
       'Gender': ['Male', 'Female', 'Female'],
       'Age_2010': [25, 30, 35],
       'Age_2015': [30, 35, 40],
       'Age_2020': [35, 40, 45]}
df = pd.DataFrame(dic)
# Convert data from wide to long format
id_vars = ['ID', 'Gender']
value_vars = ['Age_2010', 'Age_2015', 'Age_2020']
df_long = pd.melt(df,

You can see the code on Google Colaboratory:


2.Using wide_to_long

You can easily take care of the prefix in the column names with eide_to_long.

pandas.wide_to_long(df, stubnames, i, j, sep='', suffix='\d+')
The first four parameters must be provied.

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