Finance: Learning how to create trading strategies and backtesting with R ver. 1

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I. What shall we learn?

Let’s learn trading strategies and backtesting using R from the tutorial:

Creating Trading Strategies and Backtesting With R

II. Getting Data and creating simple charts

We will run R codes on Google Colaboratory

%load_ext rpy2.ipython # for running R codes on Google Colab
%%R # put in the first line for each cell
install.packages("TTR") # a collection of over 50 technical indicators
# getting stock prices of AAPL, TSLA and NFLX
getSymbols('AAPL', src = 'yahoo', from = '2021-01-01')
getSymbols('TSLA', src = 'yahoo', from = '2021-01-01')
getSymbols('NFLX', src = 'yahoo', from = '2021-01-01')
getSymbols('TM', src = 'yahoo', from = '2021-01-01')
# creating plots using quantmod
quantmod::barChart(AAPL, theme = chartTheme('black'))
barChart(TSLA, theme = chartTheme('black'))
barChart(NFLX, theme = chartTheme('black'))
barChart(TM, theme = chartTheme('black'))

You can see the codes on Google Colaboratory

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