Python: How to Use Pyenv + Poetry ver. 1

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by shibatau

I’ve been using conda to create a virtual environment for Python on iMac but I will use Pyenv + Poetry instead of conda. I an new to Pyenv and Poetry and I’m just learning by trial and error.

I. Using Jpyter Notebook

1.Creating a directory

Run the command in your terminal (bash).

mkdir ANY_NAME && cd $_

2.Setting the Python version with Pyenv

Run the command in your terminal.

pyenv local 3.9.7

3.Setting Poetry

Run the command in your terminal.

poetry init
poetry add pandas # libraries you want to use
poetry add -D jupyter # libraries for development use only

4.Run Jupyter Notebook

poetry run jupyter notebook

You can learn more here:

How to Setup Jupyter in Pipenv / Poetry

Modern Python part 1: start a project with pyenv & poetry

To be continued.

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