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Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by shibatau

I have just installed R and RStudio on Kali Linux and created a chronology chart with R and RStudio. I have also written this blog post on Kali.

I. Comparing Proust with Kafka

Leaning from a video:

II. Creating a chronology chart with R

You can create a chronology chart with R using timevis. The sample scripts are here:

# load the package
# define the data to be displayed
data <- data.frame(
  id      = 1:8,
  content = c("Fyodor Dostoyevsky", "Marcel Proust", 
              "James Joyce", "Franz Kafka",
              "Братья Карамазовы,", "La Recherche", 
              "Die Verwandlung", "Ulysses"),
  start   = c("1821-11-11", "1871-07-10", 
              "1882-02-02", "1883-07-03",
              "1879-01-01", "1913-01-01", 
              "1915-01-01", "1922-01-01"),
  end     = c("1881-02-09", "1922-11-18", 
              "1941-01-13", "1924-06-03",
              NA, NA, 
              NA, NA),
  group   = c(2, 1, 2, 1, rep(3, 4)),
  type    = c("range", "range", "range", "range", "box", "box", "box", "box"),
  style = c("color: cadetblue;", "color: black;", "color: cadetblue;", "color: black;",
            "color: darkred;", "color: darkred;", "color: darkred;", "color: darkred;"),
  fit = TRUE)
# add configuration options allowing editing of content in timeline
config <- list(
  editable = TRUE,
  multiselect = TRUE
# add grouping information
groups <- data.frame(id = c(1,2,3), content = c("Comparison", "Others", "Works"))
# generate the timeline
timevis(data, groups = groups, width = 1260, height = 400, options = config)

You can learn the scripts here:

Interactive timelines with timevis

III. Бесы (Demons 2014)

IV. Learning Russian

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