Applications: Manage tasks and to-do lists with ‘Please’ from command line In Linux and Mac ver. 4

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by shibatau

The mistakes are corrected is added.

I have install Please on my iMac in the same way as in Linux. I love Please for its simplicity.

You can install Please with Pip. Just run the following command in the terminal:

pip install please-cli

The usage

1.Adding New Tasks


$ please add "Publish a post about Please"

2.Show Tasks

$ please showtasks            

3.Mark Tasks As Done Or Undone


$ please do 1

Similarly, to undo the changes i.e. mark the jobs as undone, run:

$ please undo 1

4.Remove Tasks


$ please delete 1

You can learn more here:

Please – A Simple Command Line Todo Manager

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