Python&R: How to write and read Feather and Parquet, google colaboratory ver. 2

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I. What is Feather?

Most of the time you work with CSV (Comma Separated Values) file formats. It is also a widely used file format for data storage. So, what is special about this? Well, CSV files will consume more space and take more time to load as well. Therefore, we have to find some alternative to overcome this issue. Here, I am introducing Feather file format to you which offers lightning speed and manages the space very efficiently. Finally, companies will end up saving some bucks on storage services. 

What is the Feather File Format In Python?
Feather is first created in the Arrow project as a POC for fast data frame storage in Python and R.
But, now it is not limited to Python and R. You can use it will all major languages.
It is also known as a portable file format for sorting data frames.
There are 2 versions available, Version1 and Version2. If any of the libraries are not comfortable with one of them, you can pass the version = ” ” argument to set the specific version.

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You can learn how to handle Feather files with Python here:

Stop Using CSVs for Storage — This File Format Is 150 Times Faster

II. What is Parquet?

You can learn how to handle Parquet files with Python here:

CSV Files for Storage? No Thanks. There’s a Better Option

III. Writing and reading Feather and Parquet with Python and R on Google Colaboratory

You can see the sample scripts here on Google Colaboratory:

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