Browsers: Using a keyboard-focused browser, qutebrowser ver. 4

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I. What is qutebrowser

qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It’s based on Python and Qt and free software, licensed under the GPL.


II. Installation

In Mac, it is very easy. Download macOS.dmg and just open it.

III. Quickstart

Please pay attention to upper and lowercase because qutebrowser is case sensitive.

Basic keybindings to get you started
Use the arrow keys or hjkl to move around a webpage (vim-like syntax is used in quite a few places)
To go to a new webpage, press o, then type a url, then press Enter (Use O to open the url in a new tab, go to edit the current URL)
If what you’ve typed isn’t a url, then a search engine will be used instead (DuckDuckGo, by default)
To switch between tabs, use J (next tab) and K (previous tab), or press , where num is the position of the tab to switch to
To close the current tab, press d (and press u to undo closing a tab)
Use H and L to go back and forth in the history
To click on something without using the mouse, press f to show the hints, then type the keys next to what you want to click on (if that sounds weird, then just try pressing f and see what happens)
Press : to show the commandline
To search in a page, press /, type the phrase to search for, then press Enter. Use n and N to go back and forth through the matches, and press Esc to stop doing the search.
To close qutebrowser, press Alt-F4, or :q, or :wq to save the currently open tabs and quit (note that in the settings you can make qutebrowser always save the currently open tabs)

IV. Click on a link without using the mouse

V. qutebrowser help

See here:

VI. Adblocker

Adblocker might not work now:

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