Python: Let’s make it tidy ver. 2

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I. Is the table tidy?

I’ve got an Excel file, 結果表1 総人口および指数(平成27(2015)年=100とした場合). Here are the first few rows:

I have load the data and created a tidy data table with Pandas like this:

You can learn what a tidy data table is from 12 Tidy data.

II. Scripts

You can see the scripts here though they are not completed yet.

III. How to make the data clean with Google Sheets

1.Add two columns

2.Fill the names of prefectures at blanks

a.Put =if(D2=””,C2,D2) at E2

b.Copy E2 pressing CTRL+c

d.Select E column clicking E

f.Paste the formula pressing CTRL+v

3.Translate Japanese names into English

a.Put =GOOGLETRANSLATE(E2,”ja”,”en”) at F2

b.Double-click on the autofill handle in the bottom-right corner of the cell

4.Filter city2_en

Check off Yokkaichi City and Mie Prefecture

5.Insert a line chart

IV. Wide to Long

You can handle the table data and create a useful chart easily as shown in the above. However, you need a data table of Long Format if you use Pandas and Plotly Express in Python for creating charts.

There can be some kinds of long-format tables. Let me show some and how to find a tidy one among them.

To be continued.

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