Neovim: How to set up Neovim with Lua ver. 7

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The red part is corrected.

I. What is Neovim and Lua?

It reads at How to Install and Set Up Neovim for Code Editing

Neovim is an extension of Vim that has the potential to offer many of the same conveniences you’d expect from most modern IDEs—all while retaining the classic Vim functionality that so many developers are used to. What’s more, the latest versions of Neovim include an embedded scripting language, Lua, which offers much more control and extensibility to the user.
With the powerhouse combo of Neovim and Lua, you can customize your own, personal IDE that’s configured to your exact specifications.

You can learn how to install plugins here:

Turning Neovim into a Full-Fledged Code Editor with Lua

II. What will you get?

I have set up Neovim following the tutorials mentioned above. I have completed almost all the settings now. I have Startify enabled and got a quote from cowsay at the top of the screen. Let me show you what I’ve gotten. First I’ll open Neovim from the terminal.

I have also installed nvim_tree and toggle it with , + n.

I have followed almost all the codes of the tutorials but I have changed the following three parts because they don’t work in my environment. The first one is the command to download Packer. Add a space before \ :

git clone --depth 1 \~/.config/nvim/site/pack/packer/start/packer.nvim

The second one is the following codes in the plug.lua file and I have replaced a pair of parentheses with curly brackets like this:

I also write keys.lua like this:

--[[ keys.lua ]]
local map = vim.api.nvim_set_keymap

-- remap the key used to leave insert mode
map('i', 'jk', '', {})
-- Toggle nvim-tree
map('n', '<Leader>n', [[:NvimTreeToggle]], {})
-- Toggle more plugins
map('n', '<Leader>l', [[:IndentLinesToggle]], {})
map('n', '<Leader>t', [[:TagbarToggle]], {})
map('n', '<Leader>ff', [[:Telescope find_files]], {})

III. Configure the built-in LSP

I have configured LSP following the tutorial:

Neovim for Beginners — LSP (Part 1)

IV. vim-grammarous

Neovim has a built-in spell checker (:h spell), dictionary (:h dictionary) and thesaurus (:h thesaurus). I have added vim-grammarous. You can learn how to install it from the post:

Grammar Check in Neovim with LanguageTool

These are the ways to install languagetool and vim-grammarous on Mac.

1.Run in the terminal.

brew install languagetool
export PATH="/usr/local/opt/openjdk/bin:$PATH"

2.Add the following lines in plug.lua in my structures of lua files.

  use {


Run the command in Neovim


Vim-grammarous doesn’t check spelling. You have to run :set spell when you want to the spell checking.

To be continued.

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