Python: Automatically Visualize a dataset, autoviz ver. 5

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I have changed scripts to get data from URL with Pandas.

I.What do you learn?

Let me show you how to use AutoViz, which visualizes a dataset with a line of code. It creates bar charts grouped by the columns of strings like these:

These chars are very useful for exploratory data analysis. I think other EDA libraries do not automatically create such kind of charts.

Some more related charts will be added if you give depVar=”nationality” as Ram Seshadri has commented on this post below. They show the differences by nationality in distribution and provide better insights into the variables.   


The data I used is here:

Please download the above data and give a name like “TITLE.csv“. 


You can see my sample codes here:

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  1. Hi shibatau:
    This is a fantastic blog post. I noticed that you did not use the depVar variable option for AutoViz which I think would have given you some more “interesting” insights on your small sample data. For example, if you had given:

    You would have gotten very interesting insights that would tell you whether scores in English or Japanese can help predict whether a person is Japanese or Nepalese. Also the kind of charts that AutoViz generates would also be totally different.

    SO may be time to do AutoViz blog post part 3?


    • Hi Ram,
      thank you for your comment.
      I’ve put “nationality” as an argument for the depVar as you said.
      That’s great. I’ve been looking for a library for EDA like this.
      I appreciate a useful suggestion.
      Sure I will add some comments on the DepVar variable soon.


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