Finance: Quick start with pystoxx, rapidapi, ver. 2

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I.What do you learn?


Retrieving current and historical data for Toyota Motor Corporation (TM)) using the PyStoxx and RapidAPI.

You can learn  how to use them here:


Stock Data Analysis and Visualization using PyStoxx


You can get the sample scripts here:


II.Quick Start


1.Install and import PyStoxx


pip install pystoxx
from pystoxx import Stoxx


2.Create a stoxx object and add your API Token


stoxx = Stoxx()


The document liked above tells you to get your token using the RapidAPI. You don’t have to use the RapidAPI but it allows you to get your token that represents all of the APIs you have registered there. It means you can use the same API keys to your projects or applications.


III.Creating charts


Line chart for Tesla



IV.Fetch news headlines and URLs


You can fetch current and historical news headlines,  their  Urls and evaluations  


# fetch current and historical news headlines and urls
stoxx.get_historical_news(ticker=ticker, months=1)


Show the first four items.


[{'FeedUrl': '',
  'Polarity': 0.21212122,
  'PublishDate': '2021-08-02T17:19:25+00:00',
  'Subjectivity': 0.7777778,
  'Title': 'This Bill Gates-backed battery maker is on track to do big things for electric vehicles: CEO',
  'VaderAggregate': 0.4939,
  'VaderNegative': 0,
  'VaderNeutral': 0.842,
  'VaderPositive': 0.158,
  'id': '924f162a-c359-4e87-ba2f-d5262fb4b8c3'},
 {'FeedUrl': '',
  'Polarity': 0.125,
  'PublishDate': '2021-08-02T14:36:20+00:00',
  'Subjectivity': 0.31666666,
  'Title': 'Grab Loss Narrows on Food Delivery Ahead of U.S. SPAC Merger',
  'VaderAggregate': 0.2006,
  'VaderNegative': 0.066,
  'VaderNeutral': 0.87,
  'VaderPositive': 0.064,
  'id': '3420f2b6-89c4-36eb-a9c9-5c8a39192ab7'},
 {'FeedUrl': '',
  'Polarity': 0,
  'PublishDate': '2021-08-03T11:45:11+00:00',
  'Subjectivity': 0.525,
  'Title': "Key Factors Shaping the Fate of Toyota's (TM) Q1 Earnings",
  'VaderAggregate': 0,
  'VaderNegative': 0,
  'VaderNeutral': 1,
  'VaderPositive': 0,
  'id': '8fb97fb5-d3d6-300a-8e6b-7b1bacefaf1f'},
 {'FeedUrl': '',
  'Polarity': -0.125,
  'PublishDate': '2021-08-03T09:05:00+00:00',
  'Subjectivity': 0.375,
  'Title': 'Yes, you can still get electric vehicle tax credits — here’s a guide',
  'VaderAggregate': 0.1285,
  'VaderNegative': 0.079,
  'VaderNeutral': 0.824,
  'VaderPositive': 0.097,
  'id': 'a327806b-2f31-3a06-b565-7f34e764b5e6'},


Not completed.

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