Lecture: オンラインで音声をテキストに

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1.Google Translate






2.Dictation io


次のページでLAUNCH DICTATIONをクリックして、Editor画面左下のStartボタンをクリックすると読み取りが開始されます。タイムラグがあるので音声はループ再生したほうがよいです。






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I was born and grown up in Kyoto. I studied western philosophy at the University and specialized in analytic philosophy, especially Ludwig Wittgenstein at the postgraduate school. I'm interested in new technology, especially machine learning and have been learning R language for two years and began to learn Python last summer. Listening toParamore, Sia, Amazarashi and MIyuki Nakajima. Favorite movies I've recently seen: "FREEHELD". Favorite actors and actresses: Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Ellen Page, Meryl Streep, Mia Wasikowska and Robert DeNiro. Favorite books: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, "The Karamazov Brothers", Shinran, "Lamentations of Divergences". Favorite phrase: Salvation by Faith. Twitter: @shibatau


  1. This is a WWW page originally created by students (see other credits on this page) but now copied and stored by Think aloud protocols consist of observing a user working with an interface while encouraging them to “think-aloud”; to say what they are thinking and wondering at each moment. Think-aloud protocols are of particular value because they focus on the problems a user has; when the user is working without difficulty, direct observation (and hence the think-aloud protocol itself) is of very limited use. This is because the user is unable to communicate as fast as they think and act, unless a specific problem arises which slows them down. It is at these times when this method really shines as it allows the observer to correlate the actions and statements of the participant.

    • 何か書かれているようですが、意味がわからないのって、たぶん機械ですよね。ちょっと前のは内容を理解できたので返事をしましたが、機械かもしれません。今や機械の書き込みか、そうでないかはわからなくなってきました。機械と友達になるのもいいかも。

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