Lecture: How to handle FRIENDS, r, excel ver. 12

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I. What shall we learn?

We will learn how to use friends. The library provides the complete script transcription of the Friends sitcom.

II. The scripts

You can run R scripts on Google Colaboratory with r magic. First run the following code.

%load_ext rpy2.ipython

And you have to begin with %%R in every cell. You can see some sample scripts here:


III. Retrieving the texts for a particular scene

You can easily retrieve the texts in any scene in any episode in any season.

df0_se1_ep1_sc2 <- df0 |>
filter(season == 1 & episode == 1 & scene == 2)

The results:

> df0_se1_ep1_sc2
# A tibble: 62 x 6
   text                                  speaker    season episode scene utterance
   <chr>                                 <chr>       <int>   <int> <int>     <int>
 1 Now I'm guessing that he bought her … Monica Ge…      1       1     2         1
 2 Tuna or egg salad? Decide!            Chandler …      1       1     2         2
 3 I'll have whatever Christine is havi… Ross Gell…      1       1     2         3
 4 Daddy, I just... I can't marry him! … Rachel Gr…      1       1     2         4
 5 (The scene on TV has changed to show… Scene Dir…      1       1     2         5
 6 If I let go of my hair, my head will… Phoebe Bu…      1       1     2         6
 7 Ooh, she should not be wearing those… Chandler …      1       1     2         7
 8 I say push her down the stairs.       Joey Trib…      1       1     2         8
 9 Push her down the stairs! Push her d… NA              1       1     2         9
10 (She is pushed down the stairs and e… Scene Dir…      1       1     2        10
# … with 52 more rows

IV. Finding in which season or episode the texts are spoken

V. Parsing the dependency of words

If you want to parse the sentence and get a chart of the dependency of words, see:

dependency parsing with udpipe

You can get a chart like this:

You can see the scripts here:


VI. In Excel online

You can get friend.csv from the link above.

1.You can find the speaker and season for any utterance with the function:

=FILTER(B2:G67374,ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Captain Crunch's", B2:B67374)))

2.Total utterance by name

The filter function is currently available only to Microsoft 365 subscribers. You can filter rows without the function like this:

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