R: 米国非白人の割合の推移, CGPfunctions ver. 1

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Displaying increasing U.S. eligible voter diversity with a slopegraph in R




# devtools::install_github("ibecav/CGPfunctions",
                         build_vignettes = TRUE,
                         upgrade = "ask",
                         force = TRUE)
library(stringr) # 不要な文字を削除するため
df3 <- read.table(pipe("pbpaste"), sep="\t", header=T)
df3_tibble <- as_tibble(df3)
data <- df3_tibble %>% 
  select(State, contains("share")) %>% 
  tidyr::pivot_longer(cols = starts_with("White.share"), 
                      names_to = "year", 
                      values_to = "percent",
                      names_pattern = "([0-9]{4})"
percent2 <- stringr::str_sub(data$percent, end=-2)
# add percent to data
data2 <- data %>% 
data2$percent2 <- as.integer(data2$percent2)
data3 <- data2 %>% mutate(percent2 = as.integer(100 - percent2))

newggslopegraph(dataframe = data3, 
                Times = year, 
                Measurement = percent2, 
                Grouping = State,
                Title = "Eligible non-white voters per state 2000- 2018",
                SubTitle = "Expressed as a percent of total eligible voters",
                Caption = "Retrieved from https://www.pewresearch.org/2020/09/23/the-changing-racial-and-ethnic-composition-of-the-u-s-electorate/ on Oct 23, 2020")


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