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# create function
def num2words(num):
    nums_20_90 = ['Twenty','Thirty','Forty','Fifty','Sixty','Seventy','Eighty','Ninety']
    nums_0_19 = ['Zero','One','Two','Three','Four','Five','Six','Seven','Eight',"Nine",
    nums_dict = {100: 'hundred',1000:'thousand', 1000000:'million', 1000000000:'billion'}
    if num < 20:
        return nums_0_19[num]
    if num < 100:
        return nums_20_90[num//10-2] + ('' if num%10 == 0 else ' ' + nums_0_19[num%10])
    # find the largest key smaller than num
    maxkey = max([key for key in nums_dict.keys() if key <= num])
    return num2words(num//maxkey) + ' ' + nums_dict[maxkey] + ('' if num%maxkey == 0 else ' ' +
# example




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