Lecture: Creating a chart for Universal Basic Income, r ver. 4

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I’m rewriting now.

I. Universal Basic Income

You can learn about Universal Basic Income here:


II. The scripts

Let’s create a chart using R. If you want to show Japanese on the chart, you have to add the following code:


III. Creating a chart online

Please press Run on the bottom right corner and you will get a plot.

# Basic Income
# plot frame
plot(NA, xlim = c(0, 80), ylim = c(0, 80), ann = FALSE)
# without any taxes and public assistance
curve(1*x,from=0, to=80, add=TRUE, ann = FALSE)
# net income
curve(0.5*x+12, add=TRUE, lwd=4, ann = FALSE)
# total income
curve(1*x+12, lty=2, from=0, to=80, ann = FALSE)
# plot with texts
polygon(c(0,0,24), c(0,12,24), col="mistyrose")
polygon(c(24,80,80), c(24,80,52), col="lightcyan")
title(main="BASIC INCOME", xlab="INCOME", ylab="NET INCOME")
text(70, 58, paste("income tax"))
text(25, 52, paste("BASIC INCOME"))
text(25, 50, paste("TOTAL INCOME BEFORE TAXING"))
text(45, 27, paste("net income"))

I have also created a chart using Python though not completed.


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