Philosophy&Thoughts: 梅原猛訳『歎異抄』

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悪 人正機説や他力本願を、悪い者ほど救われる、自分でせずにまかせてしまおうと読むと、かなりあやしい主張になるが、自分の中にある根源的な悪と向き合うこ と、自分の絶対的な無力に気づくことと言い直すと、ちょっと読んでみようという人も出てくるだろうか。私は真宗の信者ではないのだが、それでも、これまで 読んだ本の中で繰り返し読んだ回数の最も多いのはこの本だと思う。

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I was born and grown up in Kyoto. I studied western philosophy at the University and specialized in analytic philosophy, especially Ludwig Wittgenstein at the postgraduate school. I'm interested in new technology, especially machine learning and have been learning R language for two years and began to learn Python last summer. Listening toParamore, Sia, Amazarashi and MIyuki Nakajima. Favorite movies I've recently seen: "FREEHELD". Favorite actors and actresses: Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Ellen Page, Meryl Streep, Mia Wasikowska and Robert DeNiro. Favorite books: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, "The Karamazov Brothers", Shinran, "Lamentations of Divergences". Favorite phrase: Salvation by Faith. Twitter: @shibatau

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